Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So what is this one about?
As if anyone doesn't know what this movie is about. I mean, it was terribly popular. In case you've been under a rock or living abroad I will tell you. Or, Netflix will.
Facing an unplanned pregnancy, teenage Juno (Ellen Page) devises a plan to locate the proverbial perfect parents to adopt her baby. But the seemingly ideal couple Juno chooses still has some growing up to do. Now, everyone in Juno's world must do a little soul-searching. Michael Cera co-stars while Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner play the pair of affluent yuppies anxious for a child in this offbeat coming-of-age comedy, which won the 2008 Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.
And how much did I pay to watch?
Netflix. But, I did watch this in the theatres when it first came out** However, because I didn't really pay for it this time (it wasn't even my netflix, but rather, my fathers) it doesn't count for anything.

And what did I think?
Well, when I first saw this one I thought it was pretty great. Then the more I saw on TV about how it was the greatest movie in the history of mankind and all that nonsense I became less enamored of it. It started to get really annoying. Much like how my opinion changed about Brokeback Mountain for the same reason. Marketers...take notice!!

My main initial reaction to the movie remained when I saw it for the second time. When I first saw this one I was really impressed with Jennifer Garner. I thought her portrayal of a wannabe mother was very affecting and layered. You really saw in her that she was trying to hold back her emotions but she was very tortured. I thought this was very impressive. I mean, VERY impressive. I went so far as to say she should have been nominated for a Best Supporting Actress. No matter though.

Upon second watching I found Juno very annoying (the character, not the movie). She is really selfish and hateful, and as my mother pointed out, pushing people away with her 'whatever' attitude. She was so hateful to Bleeker and it was really irritating. She got upset, but she brought it on herself. Maybe I'm being too hard, because after all, she was supposed to be like 16. I guess her change in the movie speaks to the talent of her acting and the writing of stripclub mcgee (diablo cody, i mean). So, kudos.

Also, really, isn't Michael Cera too cute? He is, and you know it!

So what is the rating? (out of 10)
I initally rated this one 5 stars on Netflix. But I think thats inaccurate. So, now it is a 4 star movie for me. That makes it an 8 on the 10 scale. So I'll stick with that.

The 8, as I said, really comes from the over advertising and inflated sense of amazingness that was in the media. I mean, really, its not that great. The Pianist was that great. Get over yourself Juno.

**a note. I decided that I would put all the movies that I watch on this blog. That means I will probably review movies I have already seen. I will probably end up reviewing ones that I love and own and have seen dozens of times. Afterall, the point of the blog was to figure out how many movies I watch and how much I spend on them. So, in case I watch a movie I have already reviewed I will simply link to the old entry. I probably wont do this with TV shows though...because I usually just watch a few episodes at a time instead of watching a whole season like I do when I have the dvds for short time. And this blog isn't about tv, its about movies. and how much of a nerd I am, because I watch so many of them.

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