Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Extras: Season 1

So what is this one about?
Welcome to the world of Extras!! Netflix says... Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant -- creators of the award-winning BBC series "The Office" -- introduce yet another memorable character: full-time movie extra Andy Millman (Gervais), who's quit his former day job to become an actor. Insisting that most of Hollywood's A-listers are "just lucky," Millman spends his days hanging around the set with best friend Maggie (Ashley Jensen), desperately stroking egos to score his next big break: dialogue.

What it is really about is Ricky Gervais hilarity that is accessible, and HILARIOUS, for an American audience...THANKS HBO! Each episode features a famous actor/actress who is making a movie or tv show in which Andy and Maggie are extras. The actors for season 1 were Kate Winslet, Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Stiller, Patrick Stewart, Ross Kemp, and Les Dennis.

And how much did I pay to watch?
This was part of my Netflix for this month.

And what did I think?
Holy jeebus god almighty. Now, the American Office is like my favorite TV show, but I didn't much care for the British version. I didn't get the jokes, I thought Ricky's David Brent was a mean asshole, and, though I hate to admit it, I was one of the American assholes who had to turn on the subtitles because the accents were so bloody messy! I thought because I didn't care for his Office that I wouldn't like Extras but boy howdy was I wrong.

The use of bigtime hollywood actors, who for the most part are playing insane versions of themselves, is hilarious. I don't think I've lol-ed so much during a TV show as I did during the Kate Winslet episode since watching"Womens Appreciation" from Season 3 of The Office. And what makes the use of the actors so flipping funny is that Gervais and Merchant wrote them that way! I have newfound love and respect for the humor that those two can create.

Andy as a character is sympathetic but still has the uncomfortable awkwardness--though its more Michael Scott than David Brent; Maggie is hilariously clueless, and Stephen Merchant as Andy's agent....good lord! Too forkin funny.

I guess it is sort of ridiculous for me to just keep saying everything is really funny.... BUT. IT. IS!!!

So what is the rating? (out of 10)
This gets a 10. The lol's alone from the Stewart, Winslet and Stiller episodes were enough to carry the series for me.

Go rent it, go borrow it, or go buy it. You wont be disappointed!

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