Monday, August 31, 2009

Degrassi Goes Hollywood

*thats sort of blurry...isn't it?
So what is this one about?
Well, since this isn't classy enough to be on Netflix (though, I'm pretty sure it will be at one point, because it is just. that. good!) so I had to get the description from the 'The N' website (did you know, like I do, that The N is changing to the new Teen Nick on September 28? Well, it is!). So, here it is
In Degrassi's first-ever feature-length movie, Manny's determined to become a real actress, and Paige will do anything to become a star. They've always been rivals, but now they're fighting for the ultimate prize -- a starring role in Jason Mewes' next film. Meanwhile, is Craig still keeping secrets from Ellie? Are the Studz headed for their big break? And why is Jay driving a school bus across the country? When Degrassi goes Hollywood, the only thing bigger than their dreams is their drama.
Because, don't forget, "Degrassi, it goes there"

And how much did I pay to watch?
Nurfin' because I watched this classic on the tv.

And what did I think?
Well, I thought it was amazing!!!

My mom has been on my back lately (within the past few months or so) about how I have "regressed" and turned back into a "teenager". She has come to this conclusion because "of the choice of shows you have been watching." What shows are those? Easy. Degrassi (awesome!), Saved by the Bell (awesome), The Secret Life of the American Teenager (awesome, but insanely ridiculous), Gossip Girl (my newfound, fun as hell, teenage related obsession), and Radio Free Roscoe (a show that should have had way, way more seasons, why else? because it is awesome! and shows on The N at 7 and 7:30am!!). The fact that I used awesome as a description for everything maybe shows that my mom is correct in my regression to teenager. (UPDATE: as I was sitting here updating and eating a cookie sized scoop of cookie dough my mom said "are you eating frozen cookie dough again?" and I said "yeah" and she said "thats another reason why you have regressed." Then I said, "I'm telling the internet on you!!!")

Ok, so I love Degrassi. It takes me back in Canaduh every time. I see those pretty red streetcars clanking down the street and I recognize that it is the King St car, or the Spadina car (HOLLER!) or the Union car (the prettiest trip, by far) and I miss good ol' Toronto. Thankfully I can watch this anytime... or sing it.

Anyway...that was certainly a lot of tangentially related backstory... So, what did I think of Degrassi Goes Hollywood?? I thought there needed to be much more Craig. I was also very glad that there was some love between Manny and Jay (I almost forgot his name, sad). But really, I was so glad to see Craig. Craig, played by Jake Epstein (I saw Jake in Spring Awakening at the Kennedy Center. He is a fabulous singer!) So I was floored that he sang in the movie! In fact, the song he sang, called "Rescue You", was so good that I had to buy it on itunes before the movie was even over. It was soooo Spring Awakening... see...Then I downloaded two other songs by him. And it was awesome.

Actually, the whole movie was quite awesome considering what it was. For a CTV show it was actually pretty well developed. Well, the characters were well developed. I liked that they all brought their backstory into the movie. Poor alcoholic Ellie and sad Marco and lame Paige and sincere Jay. It was really great.

Are you into Degrassi? You should be. In fact, watching the original Degrassi (Degrassi Junior High) was what I rented when I first got Netflix like over four years ago.

So what is the rating? (out of 10)
Man, this has gone way off the rails. Degrassi goes Hollywood was awesome, funny and heartfelt and totally teenagefabulous. It gets a 10.

Geez, I am ridiculous.

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