Saturday, September 12, 2009

This is Not A Joke

But it is where I tell you about all the movie stubs I just found...
I am doing a nice thorough cleaning of my room and I found some old ass movie stubs from who knows where they were hiding. I was getting ready to throw them all away but I thought it might be funny/fun to share

Once 7/11/07 (with Jared--E Street)
Sicko 7/6 (no year--Cinema Arts)
Vacancy 5/11/07
Evening 7/1 (no year--Cinema Arts)
Bourne Supremacy 7/30/04 (jeeeez)
Zodiac 3/3/07 (Toronto--with Ylber)
Evan Almighty 7/10/07
Hot Fuzz 5/7/07 (AMC)
Hairspray 7/20/07 (AMC)
28 Weeks Later 5/13/07 (AMC)
Spiderman 2 7/2/04
The Village 8/1/04 (Cinema DeLux)
Garden State 9/5 (no year--Cinema Arts)
Napoleon Dynamite 8/2 (no year--Cinema Arts)
License to Wed 7/5/07 (Cinema DeLux)
Shaun of the Dead 10/6/04 (with Joe--Cinema DeLux)
Hostel 2 6/8/07
Fahrenheit 9/11 6/27 (no year--Cinema Arts)
Bobby 11/26/06 (with Joe--AMC)
Waitress 5/24 (no year--Cinema Arts)
Pirates of the Caribbean 5/25 (no year--Cinema Arts)
Knocked Up 6/5/07 (AMC)
Talladega Nights 8/8/06
Pulse 8/15/06 (AMC)
The Night Listener 8/7/06 (Cinema DeLux)
A Scanner Darkly 7/16 (no year--Cinema Arts)
Who Killed the Electric Car 7/23 (no year--Cinema Arts)
The Devil Wears Prada 7/27/06
John Tucker Must Die 7/30/06 (Cinema DeLux)
Paris, Je T'aime 6/3 (no year--Cinema Arts)
Pirates of the Caribbean 2 7/8/06

What have we learned from this activity?
1) I clearly don't throw things out. Gross. (I bet I have a fair amount of tickets in my purse currently)
2) Summer is a big movie time for me. Especially in the summer before I went to Ukraine.
3) Cinema Arts Theatre doesn't put dates on their tickets. Sad.
4) I am very consistent with the theatres I choose. But, I guess most people probably are.

That's all for now. District 9 coming very soon!

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