Sunday, October 11, 2009

District 9

There are a lot of secrets in District 9

So what is this one about?
Netflix tells us,
When aliens land on Earth, global business conglomerate Multi-National United forces them into rigid containment zones where they are compelled to labor, even as MNU commandeers their otherworldly technology for profit. As tensions build between human and non-human races, a rogue agent leads a resistance movement against MNU's ruthless consolidation of power. Neill Blomkamp directs this cinema verité-style sci-fi thriller.
And how much did I pay to watch?
Well, here is the thing. I saw this movie twice. Twice in the theatre. I paid for this movie twice! That like never, ever, happens anymore. It wasn't that it was so amazing I wanted to see it again--and it was that amazing-- my Ukrainian host sister wanted to see it, so I went to see it again. The second time it was $11, and I bet the first time it was $9 or so, so I'm guessing I paid about $20. DANG.

And what did I think?
Ok, so for one thing this took place in South Africa, so the accents were fabulously amazing. I love South African accents. They are weird like New Zealand accents, but pretty like Australian ones! I even had a South African professor in grad school--it took me forever to figure out where her accent was from. Bettina von Lieres--you can even look her up! And look at those crazy SA names! Like Wikus van der Merwe (pronounced Vikkus van der Murvah).

So, it def had the accents and location going for it. Also going for it was that the idea was so entirely fresh. I mean, when you think about it initally, you know that there is a large tendency for the treatment of this subject to be trite. And in some ways it was. I mean, it is pretty much what you expect in that the immigrants (aliens) are shunned and forced to leave--you know, just like immigration in a lot of places--and that "mixing" is totally looked down on (like it was back in the day), and that "its ok to have immigrants, just not where we live" attitude, and the whole immigrants live in slums and bring crime (like in The Jungle)...exxxxxxcept these immigrants aren't people, but aliens! Like from another planet!! I mean, who thinks of things like that?! Awesome!

The aliens were pretty fresh looking too. I mean, who has ever seen aliens that look like that? They also had eyes like Wall-E so they were very sincere looking. But, I suppose that is what you would expect, because the entire movie took place in 2010! in the future!!!!!

So what is the rating? (out of 10)
Here is the thing, like I said, I haven't seen a movie more than once in the theatre in like forever. The fact that I saw this one indicates I like it a lot. So much in fact that I could easily purchase this movie once it hits the under $10 section at Target. (What a glowing endorsement, right?)

So, I think I'd give it an 8. Or maybe a 9. Well, lets just settle for 8.5.

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